Once a Catholic: my new perspective on Christianity

You may have heard the saying: Once a Catholic, always a Catholic. This adage derives from the Catholic Church’s belief that its hold on its adherents is so strong that even if a Catholic lapses in their faith, once on their deathbed, and with Hellfire looming, they will inevitably call for a priest to administer the last rites.

I was once a Catholic, and despite my rejection of the Church while I was still in my teens, there was always that lingering fear that they were right and that, in extremis, I might lapse in my atheism. But then I discovered Mythicism which put all my doubts to rest. Mythicism contends that Jesus was never a man who walked the Earth, but began as a belief in a celestial being, in effect, that Jesus is a myth and no more real than any of the other mythical gods of antiquity. This is not something I have been able to discuss with my friends, so I have put down in writing Why I am a Mythicist in case they were wondering.

I am by no means a Biblical scholar, but I have done a bit of reading around the subject and have discovered a couple of intriguing intersections, which, I would like to think, may even be original ideas.

In the Beginning: When did Christianity begin? Explores the possibility that not only did Christianity evolve from several different sects, but that it began much earlier than the accepted date of 33CE.

In Jesus and the Naked Man (How’s that title for click bait?) I put together snippets from the Gospels of Mark and John, together with the discovery of a secret gospel, and ask the question: Did he or didn’t he?

If you have friends who would be interested in such speculations, please pass this post onto them.

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