Tales of Love and Loss

While I’ve written several short stories, I’m a novelist at heart. Many of my story ideas don’t even stop at one volume but sweep into sagas. But every now and then an idea occurs to me that’s a little gem. I hope I’ve polished these gems until they shine for you.

In one of my writing classes, we were asked to write a modern fairy tale. When I was young, my favourite story book was called something like The Big Book of Princesses. I loved those stories, but I couldn’t actually relate to those pretty, blonde princesses, so I wrote The Beautiful Princess for little girls just like me.

I’m of the generation that grew up in a house with a big, black telephone securely attached to the wall and watched the evolution of the mobile phone from car-phone, to brick, to flip-open Motorola, to the iPhone. I’ve also watched with bemusement how attached people have become to their mobile phones. You’ll see a little of that bemusement come through in my story Disconnected, which was written, I must admit, just before the introduction of the iPhone.

In May to December an unusual newly married couple are honeymooning in Venice when something happens that forces them to acknowledge a hidden truth. It is based on a true story, but while the incident I describe actually happened, how or why it happened is entirely of my own invention. The bride is a famous writer. Can you work out who she is?

In I’ll Always Have Chiang Mai two strangers meet for a blind date, but the outcome is entirely unexpected. This story is also based on actual events, but they had to be mightily tweaked to bring this story to a happy conclusion.

Echoes is about a weekend by the beach that was meant to heal but only opens up new wounds. It was inspired by a soap opera I used to watch with my grandmother. It seemed to me that the writers were setting up a perilous situation then pulled back from the edge. I took it to what I saw was the logical conclusion, though I might have crossed a line for some readers.

In The Legacy a young woman discovers the mystery that lies behind her family’s dysfunction. The story developed over many years from a seed planted a long time ago – a story about a man discovering a discarded suitcase full of photographs from which he solved a mystery. The story of that cache of photographs ended up as a very different story of one newspaper cutting that solves a mystery.

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